Live Music and DJ’s

In 2016 StatusFLOW Entertainment provided many big festivals with an array of Live Bands and popular local DJ’s and producers to draw crowds in across the all demographics.

We found that it was successful to provide Live Music and DJ’s as part of the overall entertainment packages as StatusFLOW’s community often collaborate and work between visual and sound performances to create an amazing entertainment platform!

Why not book StatusFLOW’s Musicians, DJ’s, Fire Dancers and stage layouts for YOUR event! , and listen to live acts!

The Spectrum the spectrum

The Spectrum are a popular psych-rock band from the Hills and are beginning to be recognised all across Sydney, with latest performances at; Pacific Burn (Guinness World Record Event), Marley Bar (headlining) and the Chippendale Hotel. They are being booked for their style, which takes the audience on an ambient experience much like that of traditional blues and rock n roll artists such as; Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. They have begun to even incorporate traditional sound healing instruments into their music, including; Tibetan Sound Bowls, Indian Flute and more!

The Spectrum were the key musical attraction at last years Orange Blossom Festival (see attached video)


taco 2 logoElectronic music is popular in the modern social landscape of Australia, and being popular it is absolutely essential that we are able to provide this to events to maximise the chances of creating an atmosphere that can attract and target all ages, people and demographics.

We would like to return with some of last years Orange Blossom Festivals artists (who performed for free last year, and give them a little budget for their time)


Having a stage at your event means that:

  • The anyone speaking, the MC, the performer, the musician will be elevated – when something is elevated it allows our attention to be grasped at a higher rate – so keep that in mind if you want your event to be MEMORABLE and EXCITING
  • Creates an ATMOSPHERE (people don’t go to an event, party or festival to look at a table and speakers). Atmosphere is CRUCIAL
  • Décor allows you to create ambience and the illusion that the audience is in a DIFFERENT place than they are!


Option 1: DJ Booth, Lighting, Steampunk COG Décor, Lazers and Smoke machine

STATUSFLOW stage cogs

Option 2: Large Phoenix Stage + Steampunk Cog Décor/Lighting/Sound/Smoke machines/Lazers


STATUSFLOW stage phoenix