StatusFLOW Creative Community

James (Tha Petrol Panther) is the founder of the Flow/Creative arts community StatusFLOW.

StatusFLOW Community

‘The Home of Flow Arts in Sydney’

StatusFLOW is a platform for all artists to create, inspire, share and experience our artistic expressions. By putting these artists in the same place where their experiences allow them to reach a flow state, it is possible for us to grow and share our art creatively.

With the intentions of; collectivism, compassion, self-improvement and working together as a community, it is possible to create a shift in the positive direction for humanity and develop forms of art which will inspire the world.

StatusFLOW Qi Gong, Yoga and Flow Art Classes:

It was developed by James over the summer of 2016 and was running for 18 months.

  • Qi Gong (30 mins) – Qi Gong means ‘Life Energy Cultivation’,and is a Chinese holistic system of body movements, breathing and physical meditation. It has been used widely for the benefits it brings to; physical health, mental clarity and spirtituality. In relation to the art of learing Flow Arts, it allows for the body to connect with the mind and breath, which is vital when learning a new skill. Based on his observation in students growth, he believes that it accelerates the learning by at least 50%!


  • Yoga/Stretching (30 mins) – By physically stretching and working on flexibility around muscles and joints, the bodies range of motion is improved dramatically. Yoga and Stretching awakens the physical body, creating more freedom in movement, and alleviating the tension the body is carrying as a result of; poor posture, sitting down at work/driving, other day to day tasks etc. This component is vital as when learning any of the props such as staff or poi, having symmetry and body allignment is the fundamental groundwork to the continuing the development of this amazing art.


  • Guided Meditation (10 mins) – Once the Yoga and Qi Gong has finished, we begin Shavasana which is a full body meditation where we can aid the student in completely relaxing their body and mind, a neccessary component of living in the present. A guided meditation is a great way to facilitate mediation for beginners as it can be challenging to silence the mind at times when this hasnt been practiced before – we are here to help!


  • Flow Arts (60 mins) – Once the Qi Gong, Yoga and Mediation has been completed, the student is now ready to enter flow state (Hence the name StatusFLOW) and their mind will be silent, allowing for optimal learning and control of their senses. When in flow, the person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Our amazing teachers specialise in Flow Arts, which refers to movement and dance with an object or prop, and includes Hula Hooping, Double Staff, Contact Staff, Dragon Staff and Buugeng. Expect to improve your coordination, spatial awareness, range of motion and confidence!