StatusFLOW Creative Community

James (Tha Petrol Panther) is the founder of the Flow/Creative arts community StatusFLOW.

StatusFLOW Community

‘The Home of Flow Arts in Sydney’

StatusFLOW is a platform for all artists to create, inspire, share and experience our artistic expressions. By putting these artists in the same place where their experiences allow them to reach a flow state, it is possible for us to grow and share our art creatively.

With the intentions of; collectivism, compassion, self-improvement and working together as a community, it is possible to create a shift in the positive direction for humanity and develop forms of art which will inspire the world.

StatusFLOW Qi Gong, Yoga and Flow Art Classes:

It was developed by James over the summer of 2016 and was running for 18 months.

  • Qi Gong (30 mins) – Qi Gong means ‘Life Energy Cultivation’,and is a Chinese holistic system of body movements, breathing and physical meditation. It has been used widely for the benefits it brings to; physical health, mental clarity and spirtituality. In relation to the art of learing Flow Arts, it allows for the body to connect with the mind and breath, which is vital when learning a new skill. Based on his observation in students growth, he believes that it accelerates the learning by at least 50%!
  • Yoga/Stretching (30 mins) – By physically stretching and working on flexibility around muscles and joints, the bodies range of motion is improved dramatically. Yoga and Stretching awakens the physical body, creating more freedom in movement, and alleviating the tension the body is carrying as a result of; poor posture, sitting down at work/driving, other day to day tasks etc. This component is vital as when learning any of the props such as staff or poi, having symmetry and body allignment is the fundamental groundwork to the continuing the development of this amazing art.
  • Guided Meditation (10 mins) – Once the Yoga and Qi Gong has finished, we begin Shavasana which is a full body meditation where we can aid the student in completely relaxing their body and mind, a neccessary component of living in the present. A guided meditation is a great way to facilitate mediation for beginners as it can be challenging to silence the mind at times when this hasnt been practiced before – we are here to help!
  • Flow Arts (60 mins) – Once the Qi Gong, Yoga and Mediation has been completed, the student is now ready to enter flow state (Hence the name StatusFLOW) and their mind will be silent, allowing for optimal learning and control of their senses. When in flow, the person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Our amazing teachers specialise in Flow Arts, which refers to movement and dance with an object or prop, and includes Hula Hooping, Double Staff, Contact Staff, Dragon Staff and Buugeng. Expect to improve your coordination, spatial awareness, range of motion and confidence!

The Team

The Fire Artists include:

Petrol Panther – A powerful spirit, from Sydney Australia that is highly skilled in all fire props, specialising in Large Choreography, Fire Eating, Fire Breathing and Opening Ceremony Performances. Over 5 years of experience and the facilitator of space for the StatusFLOW Fire Jams in Sydney, which saw the growth of the fire community in Sydney by tenfold in 2016+17 when he was teaching Double Staffs, Dragon Staff and Yoga.


Aneta (Ember AIA) – Young performer from Czech Republic, passionate Fire Spinner with a charm to match any, with a beautiful face and body, and multiple skill set including; Contemporary Dancing, Fire (Palms Flames, Fans, Poi, Sword, Whipz and Fire Eating AND Breathing). She will make your festival HOT. She has a massive range of creative costumes with experience in make up and body art. She is also a talented LED Performer (Fans, Poi, Whip etc.)


DanZai – Strong, Bold, Passionate Fire Dancer that incorporates his flow from years of Qi Gong and movement training, into his art, demonstrating strength, flexibility and ease of movement through his performances. His skillset includes: Double Staff, Contact Staff, Single Staff, Swords, Lycopodium, Fire Eating AND Fire Breathing.. and outside of fire arts this includes, an avid Hand Balancer, Gymnast and Powerlifter.



Bastet – a fierce, fiery, cat eyed Warrior Princess from Sydney , Australia. Her fire shows will captivate and mesmorise crowds of any size, as they look within they will realise the depths and powers of her being. Her skillset includes; Fire Eating, Double Staffs, Dragon Staff, Fire Breathing, and Lycopodium explosives. 


The Fire Nomad – a wanderer of the Earth, sharing his passion in fire everywhere he roams. His relaxed energy is amplified by the flame as it captivates the audience through its vibrance and his flowing movement. His skillset includes: Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Dragon Staff, Contact Staff, Single Staff and Lycopodium.


Flareon – Flareon is a Dragon Warrior Princess from Sydney, and will melt your eyes and your heart with her flamez. She has one of the cutest smiles and personalities of the fire world. As a skilled pixie, she flies in the skies in her aerial shows, and dances through the forest in her fire acts. She has; Fire Eating, Fire Fans, Palm Flames, Fire Hoop, Fire Levi Wand, and Lycopodium under her belt. And she is ready to unleash.


Ninjamurai – He is literally a human weapon. It is hard to understand until you are in his presence, where movements you may not think possible at all, are combined into an inspirational display of; Parkour, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Circus and Fire. He follows the path of samurai, creating legendary performances with amazing costuming and choreography where ever he goes. His fire arsenal includes: Nunchucks, Katana, Double Katana, Nunatana (Nunchuck and Katana).




All of our shows are choreographed.

Opening Ceremony Choreographed Shows

– Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2017

– Bohemian Beat Freaks 2017

– Flowstate 2.0

– Emerald Dragon Kung Fu Sydney – Opening Ceremony for Grand Master Shi De Yang arrival in Sydney.

– Pacific Burn 2017

– BBR French Food and Wine Festival 2018

– Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2018

– Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2019


Petrol Panther + Ember AIA + DanZai + Flareon + Ninjamurai

’The Dragon Dance’ 

This showcases the awesome choreographed fire routine by Qi Gong wizards Petrol Panther and DanZai, the Warrior Ninjamurai with the absolute babes Ember AIA and Flareon on Palm Flames and Fans. This pop up show can be done with music or roving and has been executed safely and cleanly with well received feed back and multiple bookings at many parties and events across Sydney, Australia. We look forward to demonstrating our routine.

Expect to see:

– Flips

– Fire Breathing

– Double Staffs

– Contact Staff

– Fire Fans

– Palm Flames

– Swords

– Nunchucks

We will also be applying for workshop space for Qi Gong and Yoga and Partner Stretching workshop.

Archetype 7 (Solo Performance – Petrol Panther)

Imagine a wild Australian Fire Breather creating a spectacle of Hybrid Fire Breathing, Fire Eating and more insane fire stunts in the Food Area/Street Show in busy but open environments specifically for the entertainment of punters. This roving act will include Fire Eating, Breathing, Movement, Dragon Staff and on top, this wild cat physically lighting himself on fire for your entertainment and novelty! 

I am a passionate, expressive, fire artist and entertainer and I LOVE fire breathing, and I love the reactions that it brings to people, it makes them feel WOW factor and it gives me the best feeling internally to make people happy with my art forms 🙂

Ember AIA + Petrol Panther


This show is one of the most pure and energetic fire shows, balancing out some powerful vibrations of feminine and masculine connection. 

The two performers vibrate with each other through a choreography of:

– Touch

– Palm Flames

– Fire Eating

– Acro Yoga

– Double Staffs and Fire Fans

The show leaves the audience feeling connected, vibrant and inspired.

Petrol Panther + Angela Aura + Bastet + The Fire Nomad + DanZai (Like Tears in the Rain/Cartoon n Cerealz)

Also performed by large Fire Crew, choreographed under Petrol Panther, see the Closing Ceremony fire show at 6pm at the Wabooz Stage at Rabbits Eat Lettuce Music Festival 2019 in Byron Bay Australia in this video here.

Fire bunker shoot also attached.



Bastet + Panther

One is a duo fire show with Australian Fire Babe Bastet, and Petrol Panther – often performed at high class Middle Eastern Club Restaurant Odyssey, The Spot Liverpool, and Playhouse Sydney, featuring Kendrick Lamar’s song Cartoons and Cereal.


DanZai + Petrol Panther

Having practiced Qi Gong and fire together for more than 4 years over large scale shows across all of Australia, these two fire warriors demonstrate a synchronistic flow that is unparalleled in the history of fire. Their energy is super high and their abilities lie in framing other fire dancers, empowering them. In their shows they create amazing patterns and geometrical flows that will hypnotise you, they will be featuring this show in other performances.