Samsara Festival is a Yoga Festival first, Music Festival second, and is based 1 hr outside of Budapest in Hungary.

Tha Petrol Panther attended this as a Reiki Healer and Fire Performer expressing his passions in performing arts and health in this beautiful foreign country. It is a perfect cool down festival, after the much larger Ozora Festival running the week before (30,000 people), with Samsara hosting 6,000 attendees most of whom were here to participate in the workshops and space provided for relaxation and health 

This Festival is built around a ‘chill and ambient’ music vibe, with the Mainstage offering this music, and workshops with yoga, tai chi, acrobatics, aerials and similar all around.

He ended up teaching a Iyengar Yoga class in space for a teacher who fell ill 🙂